Tracy Kelly has created a true gem with this "Healthy ReMINDers Handbook"! There are pearls of wisdom consistently shared throughout like an outstretched hand of love, compassion and understanding. I personally found solace, comfort and a sense of comradery in Tracy's heartfelt sharings. It made me wonder if my own tumultuous history of facing unexpected tidal waves of invisible wounding and periods in the dark abyss of despair would have been shorter with this handbook. How timely for this wisdom to be imparted... right in the midst of a global pandemic which is causing numerous upheavals in the psyche and a spike in existential questioning. May this work of art and healing be received with profound gratitude into your heart as it did for me.

Rev. Laurie Nevin
Metaphysical Minister & Certified Reflexologist

Firstly, I LOOOOOOVE books! All books, but my favourite books are those with beautiful pictures or that are fun and joyful to just pick up and peruse or those that help me to delve deeper within myself! This wonderful little book is ALL of those things! Tracy's authentic words combined with her perfectly chosen photos create a synergy you just WANT to keep flipping through. Whether you are seeking a book to inspire you, to add a bit of beauty to your day or to help you balance your mind, you will love and appreciate Healthy ReMINDers!!! Get yours today and enjoy!

Melinda Whitehead
Aromatherapist, Spiritual, Intuitive & Holistic Health Teacher and Practitioner

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